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Is the New Apple TV Remote Worth Upgrading To? – A Comparison of Features by Dave Antrobus

By Dave Antrobus

If you’re an existing Apple TV user, you may be wondering whether the new Apple TV remote is worth upgrading to. In 2021, Apple released a new remote with a more traditional design and added features. This new model also ships with the newer 2022 version of the Apple TV also. In this article, we’ll compare the old and new Apple TV remotes and analyse the new features to help you decide whether an upgrade is worth the investment.

The old Apple TV remote was a small, silver device with a touchpad for navigating menus and a few buttons for basic functions. However, it was criticised for being difficult to use, with many users accidentally hitting the wrong buttons or swiping in the wrong direction. The touchpad lacked the tactile feedback of traditional buttons, making it hard to tell if you had pressed something or not.

The new Apple TV remote features a more traditional design with a circular click wheel for navigating menus and a separate directional pad for selecting items on the screen. The touchpad is still present, but it has been reduced in size and moved to the top of the remote.

One of the most significant changes to the new remote is the addition of a Siri button on the side. This button allows users to quickly access Apple’s voice assistant. While for those who use this feature it’s incredibly useful, some users have complained that it’s too easy to press accidentally. This issue can be mitigated by potentially using a case or cover for the remote, or disabling Siri altogether on the Apple TV (though that isn’t the best option unless you dislike Siri!).

Do you also lose the remote frequently down the back of the sofa? Another notable absence is the lack of a Find My feature, which would have been a great addition to the new remote. Something similar to the newer AirPods that can play a noise when triggered from your iPhone. The only real way around this currently is again to use a case which has space for an AirTag. However this could be bulky if you like the slimline aesthetics of the remote.

In terms of usability, the click wheel on the new remote provides a more accurate way to navigate menus, and the addition of the directional pad makes selecting items on the screen much easier. Some users have noted that the click wheel can make it harder to swipe through options quickly, as it’s designed to move in small increments, but overall the experience feels much better.

In a review by The Verge, the reviewer praised the new remote’s design, stating that it was easier to use and provided better feedback than the old touchpad. The reviewer also noted that the Siri button was a useful addition, but it was too easy to accidentally hit.

Another reviewer from TechCrunch also praised the new remote’s design, stating that it was more intuitive and user-friendly than the old remote. The reviewer noted that the click wheel was a significant improvement, providing a more accurate and tactile way to navigate menus.

Overall, the new Apple TV remote is a significant improvement over the old model, with a more intuitive design and better feedback. The click wheel provides a more accurate way to navigate menus, and the addition of the directional pad makes selecting items on the screen much easier. While there are some drawbacks and surprisingly some missing features (like Find My), the new remote is well worth the upgrade over the old Apple TV remote. The new design provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, with better feedback and more accurate navigation.

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Dave Antrobus Group CTO and Co-Founder