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Entrepreneur, CTO and Tech Geek

About Dave

Co-Founder of Inc&Co, Chief Technology Officer and Entrepreneur

Dave is a co-founder and technology director of Inc&Co, an independent group of companies that adopts developmental strategies to supercharge operations for struggling businesses, start-ups, and companies looking to grow. The global investment group encourages effective collaboration within sector-specific companies to drive optimal business outcomes. With a host of technological platforms at the heart of this collaboration, Dave’s bespoke systems and unrivalled technological knowledge are invaluable to Inc&Co’s services.

At the forefront of Inc&Co’s technological enterprises, Dave builds and optimises websites and apps using Laravel, a programming framework built using the PHP language, ideal for sites that must scale and support demand; Vuejs, a front-end, progressive JavaScript framework, ideal for sites with an application-feel; and Reactjs, a JavaScript library, ideal for creating iOS and Android smartphone apps and websites. Dave also manages Amazon cloud hosting, WordPress sites, and server technologies for Inc&Co’s acquisitions.

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Dave Antrobus, Entrepreneur, Inc&Co

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